What does my home insurance have to do with this?

Most homeowners use their home or property insurance to help pay for repairs after a catastrophic event.  After all, that is why you have the policy. At All Cat, it is our job to make sure that your insurance is used as effectively and fairly as possible for your benefit.

When I file a claim, don’t insurance companies always pay for what is needed?

Every insurance company and every policy are different.  Some policies cover things that others don’t, like upgrades required by building code changes or even entire sections of your home. Insurance companies all behave differently, and no company gives away money that they don’t have to.  In most states only, your insurance agent can *legally* answer policy questions, no matter how much we might know from experience.  The simple answer is, having an experienced contractor, HAAG certified roof inspector and a LA Dept of Insurance registered damage appraiser on your side can often mean a difference of many thousands of dollars, which can make a huge difference for the proper restoration of your home.

What do I need to do during the claim process?

When working with All Cat, almost nothing!  Our job is to determine if a claim is necessary, help you file it by giving the insurance company all the information they need, helping your adjuster get the claim approved, and then help the insurance company determine all of the work that needs to be done to restore your property.

What about deductibles?

Every policy has a different deductible, and you should ask your insurance company about yours, and when it applies. If you have a deductible that applies to your claim, it is paid to the contractor who completes the work.

A storm damaged my roof; can it be repaired instead of replaced?

Maybe. Many factors must be considered when determining the best course of action. Some roofs can easily be repaired with new shingles. Others can be repaired, but the repair would be so expensive that it just wouldn’t make sense. Some roofs simply aren’t repairable, due to age, extent of the damage, type of shingle, etc. The best thing to do is to have a roofing professional inspect your roof for damage and reparability. Let a roofing professional, not an insurance professional, determine if the roof can be repaired, or needs to be replaced.

I’ve been told my insurance company won’t help me. What can I do?

All insurance carriers have their own internal policies and criteria for how to handle claims.  Contact us to talk about your situation, and we can give you a more complete understanding of the situation.  Be sure to contact us first!  If you contact your insurance company without us, you may give them incomplete information, and end up having your policy cancelled!

Isn't my adjuster properly trained, after all it is their job to know?

As customers, we expect the adjuster coming to our home is competent when inspecting for damages. The reality of this process is you could have 1 of 5 different types of adjusters show up to your property. If all 5 were allowed the opportunity to adjust your claim, I could almost guarantee you would be looking at 5 different scopes with 5 different dollar amounts. Let us clear up the confusion and help you navigate through the often-difficult insurance claims processes.