Take the Stress Out of Roof Maintenance

Discuss your roof repair needs in Lafayette, LA with a local roofing contractor

Your roof is supposed to protect your home from the elements. Even the smallest problem can lead to significant issues and expensive repair bills. When roofing issues affect your home, who will you call for help? Get in touch with All Cat Construction, LLC today.

Whether you have a hole in your roof or need a roof replacement, you can count on us to help. Call us at 337-210-5047 now to schedule a consultation with a roof repair expert in Lafayette, LA.

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement in Lafayette, LA

Will a Roof Repair be Sufficient?

We understand a complete roof replacement can be an expensive project for any homeowner; that's why All Cat Construction offers roof repair solutions for residents in Lafayette, LA! 

Here are some signs a simple roof repair will solve your roof service needs:

  • Dark Patches: If some of your shingles look darker than the rest, it may be time to replace the older, more damanaged shingles. In most cases, we are able to repair the damaged shingles without needing to replace the entire roof.
  • Moss Growth: As moss grows, its roots can retain moisture that will damage your roof's shingles. Excessive moss patches are a sign it's time to call an experienced roofer. They will be able to determine if your roof is in need of repairs or a complete replacement.
  • Water in the Attic: A damp attic is a tell-tale sign of water damage due to a leaky roof. If the leak is small enough, All Cat Construction can complete a simple roof repair.
  • Missing or Damaged Flashing: Flashing plays an important role in redirecting water from transitional areas of your roof, such as valleys, eaves, skylights, and chimneys. If you notice some damage to these structures, it's time to call a seasoned roofer so rot doesn't take over your roof.

When you call us, we will assess your roof's unique needs. If possible, we will repair the appropriate areas to prolong your roof's life span. If repairs are not sufficient, we also offer complete roof replacement and roof installation services.

 3 reasons to choose All Cat Construction

3 reasons to choose All Cat Construction

If you need roof repair assistance in Lafayette, LA, make All Cat Construction your top choice. We’re equipped to work on roofs of all types and sizes. When you hire us, we’ll:

  1. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your roofing needs
  2. Conduct a detailed roof inspection and damage assessment
  3. Use specialized tools and quality materials to fix your roof as quickly as possible.

If your roof is beyond repair, we can install a new one for you, too. Contact All Cat Construction today to get started on your roof repair project in Lafayette, LA.